Your "Go To" People Solution - CSI

Our “Day One Value™” includes: 

  • Ethics – Candidates are screened for positive attitudes, punctuality, dependability, honesty, and integrity. 
  • Energy – Not all jobs require the same level of energy. Multi-taskers don’t belong in low-energy positions just as certain individuals are overwhelmed by stressful environments. A judicious, insightful fit ensures an employee’s value to a company.
  • Experience – To be considered for a position, candidates are required to do a comparative analysis of their professional experience and the job description.   The skilled search professionals at CSI Executive Search evaluate the results.
  • Education – Candidates will have the appropriate education and training, both formal and informal.
  • Motivation – A candidate must want to contribute to the success of a potential employer’s mission without any conflicts of interest or incompatible values.  We make sure goals of both candidate and client are aligned.
When the point is achieving strategic personnel results, you can turn to CSI Executive Search.