CSI is Comprehensive Search Initiatives.

CSI’s approach is multi-dimensional, innovative, strategic, unique, engaging, resourceful, enterprising, productive, efficient, solution oriented, and more…but we think our name says it all. CSI is COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH INITIATIVES™.  

By definition, COMPREHENSIVE is “covering completely or broadly,
inclusive,”  SEARCH is “to make painstaking investigation or examination;”
and INITIATIVE is “readiness to engage in daring or difficult activity,

Understanding the challenges and expense facing companies today when seeking to recruit and retain top talent, CSI seamlessly brings COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH INITIATIVES™ to your side.  We work with you to provide the most qualified candidates… candidates with Day One Value™.

Today’s hiring environment is highly competitive. Managers who already juggle full workloads can’t devote sufficient time to filling a critical search assignment.  HR departments are seldom empowered to act comprehensively.  Attempting to perform an important executive search in-house generally results in a re-allocation of valuable resources and rarely succeeds in producing the desired result. 

Through our Comprehensive Search Initiatives, Custom Staffing:

  • Locates productive team members who accomplish key business objectives
  • Frees up time and resources
  • Saves money

Custom Staffing knows where to look for qualified and serious candidates, using proven, proprietary search and evaluation techniques to identify, screen and highlight the most qualified candidates.  We match up the personalities and goals of candidates with an employer’s corporate culture to create a Pinpoint Placement™ and a long-term fit.